Grow With Us

We have a number of ways adults can connect to our church throughout the year.

Pop-up Groups | Action Groups | Spirit and Formation Groups | Table Matters

Pop-up Groups

Pop-up groups are one-time classes or workshops that only last for a single evening. Topics are wide-ranging from faith and food, to science or world religions. Most gatherings last around 90 minutes. These are great events for bringing a friend or neighbor.

Spirit and Formation Groups

Spiritual formation helps form and grow us in gratitude, wholeness, knowledge, and faithfulness. We draw from the whole tradition of Christian faith and practice when we gather in small groups to study the bible or share together in spiritual practice and holy conversation. These groups vary by season and can be informally led, with the goal of deepening relationships and personal holiness, or, they can be more formal, where a teacher leads participants through a series of classes centered on a topic or practice.

Action Groups

Our congregation is an active one with members volunteering and taking action on behalf of those in need or for the cause of justice. Volunteering is a great way to serve God, and when it can be done as part of a group effort, it is even more satisfying. We have a list of ways you can connect with church members already making a difference and lend your hands to help that effort.

Table Matters Group

Table Matters is a shared communal practice that uses the act of

gathering around a table for a common meal as an opportunity for spiritual formation.

Over four weeks, we will engage in a simple but focused discussion, as we explore

the various ways we feel God moving in our lives. Each week we ask

a simple question, “How has God been at work in your life this week?”

Not only do these groups draw us unto a deeper relationship with each other,

but they help us develop language to talk about our relationship with God.

Contemplative Prayer

Every second Sunday of the month we hold a Contemplative Prayer Service in the main sanctuary from 9-9:45am.  This service includes readings, prayer, music, and holy communion.  You do not need to bring anything special to this service, just bring a willingness to open yourself to God in quietness. We are sorry, but as of now there is no childcare available during this service.

Contemplative Prayer is an ancient practice that predates Christianity but is firmly part of Christian practice and tradition. This type of prayer is a practice of quiet centering and breathing that helps the practitioner let go of everything that is not God--then let go even more. In this 'via negativa,' this way of emptying, an experience of holy, mysterious, and transforming Grace is possible.

Holy Conversation & Meditation

On the third Monday evening of the month will be an experience-centered 'class' of Spiritual formation and centering  from 7-8:30pm. Dates will be Sept 18, Oct 16, and Nov 20. 

During time spent together, participants explore how we can engage and interact with our faith and each other in ways that are real and relevant in our lives. In this creative setting, people can immerse themselves in group dialogue followed by spiritual exercise in interactive prayer stations. Together, these two components rituals will nurture our creative souls and sacred wisdom.

What is Meditation? For our Ashland UMC traditions, Meditation is a quiet, reflective, prayerful practice where interaction with the material of this world--fabric, cross, textures, words--leads to self realization, spiritual realization, and transforming growth.