Grow With Us

Bible Study

Join us for our detailed and intentional study of our Sacred Scriptures. Currently we are walking our way through Mark. One of the amazing aspects to our unique approach is one where anyone may join us whenever without needing to have been to previous studies. You are welcome whenever you join us!

Sunday School

Sunday School is an important part of Sunday Morning at Ashland First United Methodist Church. We believe God loves children and invites them to learn about a gracious God who values kindness, cooperation, fairness and love. Children are naturally curious about how and why they were made. We teach them the stories of faith helping them to grow their hearts and spirits for a gifted life.

Creative Connections

United Methodists have been at the center of education for children from the founding of the United States. What began in Sunday Schools grew into public schools for all, equipping our young to become compassionate and inspired leaders generation to generation. 

Creative Connections is our newest project! To learn more about it, link directly to our Creating Connections page

For more information about our education and spiritual programs at the church, see our information about children and youth

Get Involved Socially

We are prayerful people, worshipful people, teaching people, and learning people. We are also called to bring our faith into the world around us. Our United Methodist Social Principles lead us to reach out to participate in a better world. Opportunities include:

SOUnited: Are you an SOU student interested in Spiritual connection? We are connected to the SOUnited club on campus. 

Are you inspired to connect with students or young adults? We have a Wesley Foundation ministry connected to SOU. 

Are you concerned about homelessness, food insecurity, or poverty? We partner with and help support Peace House in their effort to bring a hearty, home cooked meal to all who need it on Tuesdays. Read more about our Community Tuesday.

Are you inspired to respond to Climate Change, Immigration, LGBT or other issues that effect our social fabric? United Methodists are called to these efforts just as our daily prayer calls out for 'earth as it is in heaven.' We are connected to the Interfaith Social Justice Coalition in Ashland, and many of our members share a wesleyan concern the wellbeing of all peoples and the earth.