Our Focus:

Mission: Inspiring and cultivating the creative genius in young people through the life of the heart, the mind,  and the imagination.

  • Our program provides students challenging and fun ways to express their creativity and develop new skills across a variety of areas, including art, recreation, and science and engineering-oriented projects. In addition, the program focuses on nurturing intuitive thinking, mindfulness and cooperative relationships in the context of universal core moral values. Creative Connections enables students to explore their passions, creativity and interests outside the regular school day. 

At Creative Connections...

  • We Learn through playful exploration that develops individual and cooperative skills.
  • We Focus on instilling foundational values that develop strong character and leadership.
  • We Delve into a theme and explore it from playful perspectives: art, science, engineering, math, theater. 
  • Our Staff are dedicated and experienced  educators
  • Our Ratio of teacher to student allows for personalized attention
  • Our Fully State Certified Program assures excellent quality and a safe learning environment