Pop-Up Groups

Freedom of Simplicity

JoAnn Flaherty | Monday, Sept. 19 (7-8:30 PM) |45 Brooks Lane, Ashland

In our culture, more is better. The pace of our acquiring can cause our lives to be fracture and fragmented. Simplicity can slow us down and calm us. Christian simplicity is rooted in Biblical tradition and the life of Jesus. This class will explore simplicity through the book, Freedom of Simplicity by Richard Foster. 

Spiritual Friendship

Carol Heisel | Monday, Oct. 17 (7-8:30 PM) | Church Chapel

All of us have experienced friendship in one form or another. But what is a “spiritual friendship” and how does it form? These and other questions will be discussed, as study spiritual friendship through the lens of Jesus. 

Keeping The Holidays Holy

Dr. Karen McClintock | Thursday, Nov. 3 (7-9 PM) | Multipurpose Room

Holidays are fraught with potentially overwhelming dynamics. These include disappointing family relationships, and pressures to over-indulge in food, drink, and gifts. Unrealistic expectations can run us ragged. This workshop is designed to help us stay focused on light in the darkness, the gift of Jesus, and loving gratitude during the holiday season. 

Weekend Seminary

Armor of Light

Bruce Borgerson | Saturday, Oct. 29 (1-4 PM) | 209 Sleepy Hollow Dr., Ashland

The movie, Armor of Light will be shown. This documentary is about a pro-life evangelical pastor who becomes a gun control crusader. A discussion about the film will be held after its showing.

Study Groups

Call To Covenant

Leigh Madsen | Sundays, Sept. 18-Nov. 6 (9-10AM) | Church Library

Call to Covenant is part of a series called Living The Questions. This DVD series features today’s leading religious voices discussing such topics as social justice, prayer, compassion, and creative transformation. The videos will lead the class into interesting discussions. 

Seeds of Christian Contemplation

Ken Gudger | Thursdays, Sept. 22-Oct. 20 (7-8PM) | Church Library

All the world’s great religions recognize some form of sacred mystical experience. In our Christian tradition we refer to this as contemplation and its roots go back to the beginning of Christianity. During five gatherings we’ll explore, discuss, and practice our 2,000 year old tradition of Christian contemplation. 

Table Matters Groups

Table Matters @ The Borgerson Table

Wednesdays, Sept. 14 & 28, Oct. 12 & 26 (6PM) | 209 Sleepy Hollow Dr., Ashland

Table Matters is a shared communal practice that uses the act of gathering around a table for a common meal as an opportunity for spiritual formation. Over four weeks, we will engage in a simple but focused discussion, as we explore the various ways we feel God moving in our lives.