Sunday Themes and Sermon Archive

What are you called to in this life?

We all have a purpose. We all fit into a particular good place, where we are called to learn and grow and reach and be for the good of ourselves, for the good of others, and ultimately, for the sustaining of a good and beautiful world. That is a high ideal! Unfortunately, we are also born into real life, into stress, anxiety, and human error. We fall short time and again, and the world around us can be very, very disappointing.

Jesus navigated this very same world we do, and disappointment was real for him, too. Jesus also held high the call that we can be a people who choose to live and love differently--who choose to embrace the crazy idea that love is powerful, love is everywhere, and ultimately, love wins out.

So how do we get there? We get there together. We get there by learning, growing, and reaching together to achieve every ounce of what is possible in this life. These next weeks we will be talking about how we can understand what we are called to do together. We will look at Jesus's early life, and seek ways to better understand his journey as he lived his calling in order that we can better understand our own.

More about the series and sermon archive below:

  • Calling

    A calling is not a job, it is a sacred task. A calling is not a generic undertaking, it is a specific effort tailor made for your life. When you identify and follow your call, you will find gifts and capabilities within you that you never knew existed. We will be looking at Jesus's early life. The gospels tell us the story about he was powered up for exactly what he needed to do. He walked through his own call, and had a mission to fulfill. We will explore his story, his calling, and how we see our own call as people and as a church within that story, too.

  • sunday school

    Sunday School is an important part of Sunday Morning at Ashland Methodist. We believe God loves children and invites them to learn about a loving God who values kindness, cooperation, fairness and love. Children are naturally curious about how and why they were made. We teach them the stories of faith helping them to grow their hearts and spirits for a gifted life.