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Let's turn this thing around.

Have you ever had one of those days, or weeks, where you wish you could just stop for a complete re-do? What is it about hindsight, that it is only AFTER the fact that we turn around and look behind us and think about how what you really need to do is turn completely around and do it all differently. These moments are usually accompanied by regret. By the time we stop and rethink what we are doing, things have generally gotten really hard or out of hand. And sometimes we are not at all sure what we should be doing, but we are absolutely getting the sense that it is not this. 

These next few weeks and up to Easter we are in the church season called Lent. During these weeks, we will be exploring the stories in the bible that show an instance when things could have gone better. We will talk about the possibility that we are offered to make real change in our lives and in our world. We CAN change:

from injustice to justice

from hostility to hospitality

from unforgiveness to forgiveness

from foolishness to wisdom

from greed to generosity

  • Turn around

    In our wider culture we often talk about giving up something for Lent. And usually what we talk about giving up is something like chocolate or $7 lattes. This only scratches the surface, tho. Lent is really a lot deeper than that. Lent isn't about giving up so much as it is about that moment when you are offered the opportunity to stop for a second, stop pushing so hard, stop hurting so much. What are you doing? Is your life fruitful? Have you done something you regret and would you like to make amends and do it differently? Now is your chance.

  • sunday school

    Sunday School is an important part of Sunday Morning at Ashland Methodist. We believe God loves children and invites them to learn about a loving God who values kindness, cooperation, fairness and love. Children are naturally curious about how and why they were made. We teach them the stories of faith helping them to grow their hearts and spirits for a gifted life.