Sunday Themes and Sermon Archive

At Ashland Methodist, we love to bring stories into the heart of our worship. Our tradition is filled with stories, both new and ancient. These stories not only help us learn about our faith, they help us to better understand and experience ourselves, our world, and God. 

Over the fall season we will be knee-deep in parables. Parables are very short stories recorded in the Gospels as told by Jesus. Jesus has a point to make in each onethese stories pack a punch! In each one, Jesus is calling on his listeners to turn their lives toward justice, humility, and thanksgiving. 

As we share the parables together on Sundays, we will seek the surprises in the story. We will listenif we have ears to hearto how our own lives and the lives around us can be changed for the better.

More about the series and sermon archive below:

  • Listen up!

    Have you ever tried really hard to do everything right only to discover that you were headed entirely in the wrong direction? This seems to be a universal reality, for it is as true today as it was in Jesus's time and thousands of years before. Stories about Jesus tell us that Jesus understood faith in God to be a faith of Abundant Life. In the parables he tells, he calls his listeners out on the ways they bring destruction and harm instead of abundance. He also tells them how to turn from the hurt and live a good life. Jesus invites us to Listen up! Can make the needed changes? Can we hear the message of hope? 

  • sunday school

    Do you have ears to hear?

    This fall our kids will share in the telling of the parable stories. Using children's books and themes, we bring the parables into their world sharing the stories of the growing seed, the rising bread, and more. Our curriculum always focuses on the spiritual life of the child and nurturing community. Children need to know first and foremost that they are loved. Our Sunday School brings best practices of learning and education to the very heart of Love for our kids.