Sunday Themes and Sermon Archive

At Ashland Methodist we love to bring stories into the heart of our worship. We break the year into sermon and teaching series, each series lasting a month to 6 weeks.  Our focus for the next number of weeks is Lent, which leads us to Easter. During Lent our big story will be Paul's conversion, when the apostle Paul, filled with hatred and violence and despising others, has a life-changing encounter with Jesus. Lent is the time when we are invited to be honest about where we ourselves, like Paul, have strayed from God's commandment to walk the walk of love. During Lent we have the opportunity to choose again to walk the walk, to find our way, and to be healed for what violence can possess us, as we turn to God and walk the way of Christ.  

More about the series and sermon archive below:

  • Walking the walk: The road to damascus, the way, the via dolorosa, and a street called straight.

    John Wesley once asked, 'What serious person would oppose giving to God all our heart, and walking in all things as Christ walkednot a part, but all our soul, body, and substance to God?' Maybe no serious person, but many other people would. If we are honest, the idea of giving all—ALL—of ourselves, body, soul, and substance, can seem frankly terrifying. And impossible. Our human selves are so limited! How can we hope to achieve that level of one-ness with Christ? During Lent more than any other time, we can feel how distant we really are from God. Some good news is this, for this Lent, for each day, we need not worry about a distant perfection. Instead, when it comes to a relationship with God, we need only decide to show up to try it—to make a start of it—to take that next step. Because it is one step at a time that we learn to walk the walk with God.

  • sunday school

    Lent is a special time in Sunday School when children learn about what Lent is, and the lessons of faithfulness, good relationships, and loving our neighbor, For our children, our curriculum is intentionally focused on the Good News of Lent, that we are loved by God, and that God leads us toward Easter.

  • Contemplative Service

    On the second Sunday of the month, this March 11, we hold a contemplative service from 9am to 9:45am in the sanctuary. This service includes some music and contemplative readings, as well as silent prayer and Holy Communion. Our table is an open table. All are welcome to this service.

  • Messy Lenten Festival

    We will celebrate an all-ages, family friendly Lent this year with a Messy Church! Messy Church includes activities, a kid-friendly message, and a shared dinner (dinner is provided). Our Messy Church will be March 22, the week BEFORE Holy Week. This way we can learn about Holy Week and Lent together, remembering that Christ's 'Way' was the path of sacrifice and deep and abiding Love for all. 

  • Palm Sunday

    Palm Sunday is a favorite Sunday for church congregations! Palm Sunday this year is March 25th. Services begin at 10:30am. On Palm Sunday we remember the day when Jesus of Nazareth rode into Jerusalem with his disciples and followers, challenging the might of the Roman Empire, and declaring that the true Messiah was the Prince of Peace. Best of all, we get to wave palms and walk the walk, following in the way of this man of peace.

  • Good Friday

    Good Friday is among the most difficult, and most sacred, services in the Church calendar year. This is the service where Christians remember the crucifixion and death of Jesus of Nazareth. This service is held on the Friday of Holy Week, which will be March 30th, at 7pm. This year the Good Friday service will be a Tenebrae service, where during the service all the candles are extinguished. As the light of the world is plunged into darkness, so we reflect on what it means to truly long for the light and the power to and the love of God. This path, the path from darkness to light, is by far the hardest and most sacred path that leads us to deeper relationship to God.

  • Easter Morning

    Easter this year is April 1st! What an April Fools day it was for the Roman Centurions who guarded Jesus's tomb and the high priests of Jerusalem who wanted Jesus of Nazareth, his ideas, his path, and his followers gone. Easter reminds us that death NEVER gets the last word and darkness is over come forever and always by the light. Come and celebrate with us! Walk the walk to Easter Sunday, service begins at 10:30am. We will look forward to welcoming you!