Sunday Themes and Sermon Archive

At Ashland Methodist we love to bring stories into the heart of our worship. We break the year into sermon and teaching series, each series lasting a month to 6 weeks.  Our series for December is ‘Christmas of Grace!’  We will weave together the story of Christmas with the teaching of John Wesley who believed God’s grace—God’s love—was present and powerful for every person. God surrounds us all with Grace. This Grace leads and calls us to turn toward all that is good, to seek wholeness, to grow and be transformed. 

More about the series and sermon archive below:

  • Christmas of Grace

    We have long used the word 'graceful' and 'gracefilled' to describe that quiet and sacred moment spent with loved ones in front of a warm hearth. But what is 'grace'? John Wesley, founder of Methodism, believed Grace to be the Love of God that was like a very present kind of love. A love right now, here and now, that worked with us to call us, heal us, and transform us in every way. This Christmas as we tell the Christmas story, we will explore this Grace. How is the transforming Grace of the divine--so strongly felt at Christmastime!--calling you to a well lived and sacred life?

  • sunday school

    The Christmas story is one of the most powerful and memorable stories of humankind. All of us have known of tiny babies being born. But what a wonder it is for a baby to be born and placed in a manger! In Sunday School we lean into the joy of Christmas and explore this marvelous story with our kids.

  • Contemplative Service

    On the second Sunday of the month, this December 10th, we hold a contemplative service from 9am to 9:45am in the sanctuary. This service includes some music and contemplative readings, as well as silent prayer and Holy Communion. Our table is an open table. All are welcome to this service.