Sunday Themes and Sermon Archive

As we move into Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year, we are invited to reflect on the Holy Days of giving thanks, of waiting for Christmas to arrive, and of greeting a brand new year. 

This year our theme for our holy-days is Advent Wonder / Christmas Joy. 

Come and hear the story of Christmas. Let yourself wonder at the miracle these stories share with us--of a girl, of a child, of a small room in Bethlehem where a baby was born who would change the world. 

The light is coming into the world.

(And the darkness cannot overpower it.)

More about the series and sermon archive below:

  • Wonder

    The holy-days are a busy season! Not only do we rush from one obligation to the next, but we also have to deal with darkness falling earlier and earlier each day. It is easy, too easy, to let the 'busy' overwhelm us. As we look forward to the coming of Christmas--to the joy of that Christ child!--we will gather together on Sunday mornings to remember what is holy and sacred in our lives. We will have the chance to affirm the story of the Prince of Peace and Hope of hopes. We know with absolute assurance that the impossible is true: despite every pressing darkness, light is coming into the world. 

  • sunday school

    Waiting for Christmas

    One of the hardest things any child has to do is wait! It is even hard for most adults. In Sunday School we will share the story of Mary and Joseph even as we wait for Christmas Day to finally arrive. We believe children need to hear that they are loved and that God is good. Christmas time is the perfect time to teach about how God so loved the world God sent us Jesus. What Joy it is to ring the bells of Christmas!