Sunday Themes and Sermon Archive

At Ashland Methodist we love to bring stories into the heart of our worship. We break the year into sermon and teaching series, each series lasting a month to 6 weeks.  Our new story for May and June is  the story of Pentecost--the birth of the church. 

The first Church was a movement. A whole new thing rose up based on love of each other, sharing, treating others as equals, regardless of gender or social status. Everyone was equal in the love of God and the power of the Holy Spirit. It was really hard for we humans to hold on to that first bold and beautiful thing that happened at the beginning of the Jesus movement. Humans tend to institute power structures and rules than exclude people rather than reach out with equality. 

Still, if we are truly learners and followers of Jesus, we are called to 'love one another.' This is the kind of church formed against all odds in the beginning. And, it is the center of everything good about church today. More about the series and sermon archive below:

  • Storming in the spirit

    Movements are formed and reformed over and over again. The first church formed at Pentecost long ago has found new life in new churches age after age around the world. Christianity is a global faith, with each church seeking to live the call to follow Jesus and learn what it really means to 'love one another' and rest in the power of the Holy Spirit.

  • sunday school

    During May and June we will be focusing on music as a form of experiencing the movement of God's spirit in our lives. The title of the unit will be: Tongues on Fire: The Rush of Music! The children will practice songs together, then perform them together for the congregation.  Through our Sunday School we make teaching and connecting with our kids and families a priority. We welcome every child. And at the center of all our teaching is the assurance that they are loved, they are seen, and they are wonderfully made in Christ! Photo: little piano man by prettywar-stl 2006 flickr CC BY-NC-ND 2.0